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The Joint Venture podcast - The green skills crisis

27 October, 2023


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In this episode, we are joined by Chris Claydon, the CEO of JTL, a leader in skills training within the engineering and construction sectors. Chris provides an insightful perspective on the green skills gap that hampers the UK's energy transition efforts. The interview delves into the challenges and solutions in skilling up the existing workforce, the role of apprenticeships in training a new generation of professionals, and the necessity for government intervention to avert a looming 'skills crisis'.

In this week's news, we cover the UK National Grid's upgrade plans in Suffolk and Kent, part of their Sea Link project aiming to add 2GW of transmission capacity. We also explore RES's 400MW Steeple Renewables Project in Nottinghamshire, and then turn to the Nordics, where Norway's first public procurement exercise for offshore wind tenders has experienced delays yet again in 2023.

In technology investment, we examine the UK Government's Joule Challenge, a project focused on developing next-generation floating wind turbines. And we cover the joint venture between Norsk Hydro and Macquarie Asset Management, where Macquarie is investing $332 million.

We also bring you the headline results of inspiratia's league tables. The full list can be found here

Hosted by:

  • Oliver Carr - Lead Analyst
  • Aishwarya Harsure - Reporter 

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