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The overcapacity challenge: Managing energy markets

19 April, 2024



In this episode, we delve into many of the issues facing today's energy transition and discuss the solutions. In Europe, we bring you the latest on Lithuania's undersubscribed offshore wind tender process. We also highlight the rapid growth of the Spanish solar market in recent years and pick out the key players, as seen in inspiratia's latest country focus report

While solar energy in Europe is booming, we will further explore some of the consequences of overcapacity production and its impact on the trading relations between the EU, the US, and China. We also bring you exclusive research on one of the most promising tools on the horizon for grid management, the Virtual Power Plant. 

Hosted by:

  • Oliver Carr - Head of Data Analysis
  • Viola Caon - Head of Content
  • Dila Cebeci Smith - Senior Analyst

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