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Decarbonising transport: From motorways to runways

12 April, 2024


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In this episode, we explore key developments across the transport and energy sectors, from the expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure to pioneering zero-emission aviation. We also discuss the evolving roles of batteries, new data centres, and an intriguing debt consolidation.

We start with the recent uptick in the electric vehicle charging market, highlighting moves from Macquarie Capital and Italian forecourt owner IP. We also explore the innovative financing models reshaping public transport, with a focus on Rock Rail and Aviva Capital Partners' initiative, Rock Road making moves into zero-emission busses.

In addition, we examine the significant role of batteries in the global energy transition, focusing on the shift from traditional lithium-ion batteries to alternative technologies like solid-state and sodium-ion.

In the realm of aviation, we assess the potential of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) to mitigate the environmental impact of air travel. With insights into the integration of SAFs with existing fuel systems and the pivotal role of government and private investments.

Finally, the spotlight falls on Amazon Web Services' venture into establishing a hyperscale data centre in Ennis, Ireland. And we wrap up by taking a close look at Neoen's strategic consolidation of its debt across various renewable assets in Australia.

Submissions are now open for the Europe Energy Transition Awards 2024. The deadline for submission is 4 May.

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 Hosted by:

  • Oliver Carr - Head of Data Analysis
  • Maya Chavvakula - News Editor  
  • Dila Cebeci Smith - Senior Analyst

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