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Powering Tomorrow - with Viola and Adrien Pinsard

10 May, 2024


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In this episode, Viola welcomes Adrien Pinsard, CEO and Founder of Telis Energy Group, a green energy development platform backed by The Carlyle Group.

Adrien shares insights from his 18 years in the sector and explains how Telis' decentralised model is designed to enhance local energy transitions across Europe. The conversation delves into the challenges and opportunities within the energy sector, particularly focusing on battery storage, agrivoltaic solutions, and the integration of renewable energy technologies at a local level. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of how Telis is shaping the future of European energy markets, with plans for a 10GW renewable energy pipeline by 2030. 

Hosted by:

  • Viola Caon - Head of Content, inspiratia 


  • Adrien Pinsard - CEO and Founder, Telis Energy Group

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