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The Joint Venture: Hydrogen investment with KGAL

16 August, 2021


RenewablesMarket Update

Maritina and Oliver - in his Joint Venture debut - speak to Thomas Engelmann, KGAL's Head of Energy Transition, about the company's plans on the sector's hottest subject, the exciting word of hydrogen.  

Thomas has a distinguished career in sustainable energy and corporate finance and shares with us some of his experience, expertise, and unique perspective with us to shed some light on the question of how investors are approaching hydrogen projects.

Topic covered include business models that are growing around different parts of the hydrogen value chain, which projects are showing the most promise for investment, as well as how ESG investors are approaching the choice between blue and green hydrogen.

Finally, we take a look at the state of the policy and regulatory environment for hydrogen projects, and ask where we can expect to see big policy commitment from first mover governments.

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